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Britalar Moz

Britalar Moz is a Construction company that conducts its business primarily within the Mozambican market. Given the competitiveness of the market and the aggressiveness of its players, Britalar Moz has positioned itself well by developing specific competitive advantages.

As part of the Group’s internationalization strategy, it was born in 2011, as an extension of its counterpart Britalar Engenharia, aligning its commitment to the development of progress of the construction industry, the creation and distribution of innovative products and services, and always corresponding to high standards of quality.


Contracted Services

  • Initial audit that identifed specific areas that required intervention;
  • Restructuring, optimization and monitoring of configurations for existing infrastructure;
  • Frontier protection solution for the IT infrastructure;
  • Restructuring of the email service;
  • Support and Maintenance.

Eurotux/ITMZ is also a supplier of various IT hardware and software, capable of providing analysis and technical advice for purchasing additional technological solutions through other partners.