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Case Study - Virtualization at Câmara da Maia

Eurotux has implemented Oracle VM as the virtualization layer, aiming the improvement of the operations and management processes.

Eurotux has implemented Oracle VM as the virtualization layer, aiming the improvement of the operations and management processes.

The Challenge

Implement a modern virtualization technology, enabling the improvement of the processes of operation and infrastructure maintenance, reduce costs of infrastructure acquisition through a more profitable use of the existing resources and consolidate the existing services into a modern and efficient solution.

Technological Platform

Phase 1 - Service and existing infrastructure analysis

During the initial phase of the project, an analysis was performed on the existing technological platforms and the very infrastructures that supported them. We found a heterogeneous environment, with equipment in a wide range of age and operating system technologies and different services (Microsoft and Linux platforms, multiple versions of operating systems, multiple versions of databases and application services).

Phase 2 - Implementation of virtual environment

The new infrastructure has been installed with the latest bladecenter and storage technologies from IBM, in which Oracle’s virtualization technology (Oracle VM) was implemented. The major project objectives were defined with the customer: to build an easily scalable and reliable environment, with a performance in line with expectations and enabling the consolidation of management and maintenance policies.

After the basic install, templates were created that would serve as a base to the creation of new platforms which makes the process of activation of new services more agile and standardizes the base platforms.
The implementation of the environment was carried out along with the team of Câmara da Maia, whilst transfering know-how in the form of practical workshops about all the technologies involved.

Phase 3 - Implementation of services

After the installation of the environment, some services were implemented based on the conditions created (templates, policies) with the help of the Eurotux’s team. Several services are now in production state, while a migration process (from the old platforms) is underway.

Benefits / Advantages

There are already a number of immediate benefits: reliability, performance and flexibility of the environment, which translates into improved quality of services rendered to the community of users and also to the general public (in the Internet exposed services). The infrastructure’s needs are now met quickly and effectively, with a concrete improvement of overall availability.

The implementation of new solutions takes considerably less time, taking advantage of templates. The overall security has been further improved, since it is possible to target IT solutions in different virtual machines, giving access to suppliers or partners exclusively for the services that they must access.

According to Mr. Couto and Vale, from Câmara da Maia, "we feel a more effective and dynamic management of resources, higher availability, ease in creating disaster recovery and lower energy consumption." An article was published in Semana Informática about this project.