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Eurotux’s horizons aren’t limited to Portugal’s borders. The company has implemented an internationalization strategy, whose main goal is to enter the Mozambican and Brazilian markets.

Eurotux’s focus on international expansion has been constant. The company’s representatives have taken part in international events and conventions, creating synergies and partnership with companies in strategic countries, and increasingly focusing on relationships with high potential markets.

While the presence in the Mozambican market is Eurotux’s main international standpoint, the company also maintains commercial contacts in other countries, in Europe and the rest of the globe.

Solutions for companies that are going global


In addition to the internationalization of its products and services, for Eurotux, the focus on internationalization also applies to the development of solutions that help other companies with their own internationalization processes.

Aware of the challenges of implementing a business in a new country, Eurotux possesses the know-how and experience to present valuable solutions that can make a positive contribution to the process.

As a technological partner, Eurotux can assist with the remote management of infrastructures; cloud solutions; systems integration; unified communications; mobility; end-to-end solutions, among many other solutions that deliver advantages to an institution’s internationalization or decentralization.