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ITMZ operates directly in Mozambique, with its own team and set of assets.

Following its strategy of expansion to external markets, Eurotux, in tandem with Mozambican partners, created ITMZ – Serviços e Soluções, a company operating directly in Mozambique, representing Eurotux’s services and solutions.

In addition to obtaining a strong position in the Mozambican market, it is also the company’s goal that ITMZ constitutes a gateway to the rest of Southern Africa. The company has strongly invested strongly in this market as a springboard for its neighbouring countries.

ITMZ – Services and Solutions is Eurotux’s major international representative, more specifically in Mozambique. This company began in 2012, resulting from a partnership between Eurotux and Mozambican partners, with whom it had worked with for several years.

ITMZ operates directly in Mozambique, with its own team and set of assets suited to its market, and resorting to resources provided by Eurotux, remotely, or on-site, whenever necessary.

The two companies enjoy a close relationship, resulting from several initiatives and successful business collaborations in the African country. By creating ITMZ, Eurotux not only demonstrates its ambition regarding the international expansion of its business, but also a particular interest in the African market and in Portuguese-speaking countries.

The company has managed to develop a portfolio of prominent clients, such as the Portuguese School of Mozambique, INCAJU (the agricultural institution for the production of cashew), or the Pedagogic University of Mozambique, as well as SabSeg, Britalar, and the Videre Group.





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