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CONFAGRI launched new website developed by Eurotux Group

The Eurotux Group’s web development team, Dipcode® developed the new recently launched website for CONFAGRI – National Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives and the Crédito Agrícola de Portugal, in WordPress.
Published on 2017-10-30

The CONFAGRI - National Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives and the Crédito Agrícola de Portugal, a Portuguese banking institution dedicated to financing agricultural projects, has recently launched its new website - The solution was implemented in WordPress by the Eurotux Group’s web development team, Dipcode®.

In recent years, CONFAGRI’s portal has taken on a relevant role in publishing information related to the agricultural sector, ranging from the food and agriculture sector to foresting, and including agricultural cooperatives, among others. The website’s “substantial reformulation” seeks to “better serve its associates and all who are interested” in “issues that are challenging and increasingly important for our society’s future”, as highlighted by CONFAGRI’s president, Manuel dos Santos Gomes.

The new portal’s implementation project kicked off with a deep reflection concerning its information architecture. The next step involved the designing of pages organized according to themes and sub-themes, in order to present the user with relevant information in a way that is appealing and complete. The website’s public area was reformulated, as well as the reserved area, the Green Service Desk, enabling associates to access privileged information, namely regarding financial aids. The changes provide associates and users with a more enrichening experience.

The portal has several features, namely news concerning the agroindustry, cooperatives, environment and foresting, as well as access to related legislation. There is also an area dedicated to CONFAGRI’s magazine, Espaço Rural, an event calendar, a newsletter, and pages for associates. Content migration and the privilege system integrated with CONFAGRI’s internal system, were a few of the challenges Dipcode® faced during the solution’s implementation.

The portal’s homepage also includes a plugin for the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) that is available for the general WordPress community and that was also developed by Dipcode®, enabling users to view the weather forecast for the next three days.

The Eurotux Group’s web development team has been involved with large scale and high-complexity projects in several sectors of activity, from media and distribution, to public administration. Among its latest challenges are portal such as Unibanco, Dinheiro Vivo, and Pingo Doce, the web-based electronic voting system eVotUM, and the insurance claim management system for TrueClinic. Specializing in open source technologies, Dipcode® presents solutions tailored to its customer’s needs.

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