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Dipcode develops an application to support GDPR control

The Eurotux Group’s Web Development company presented its new application during the Eurotux Ecosystem 2018 as a tool that helps to control compliance with the GDPR.
Published on 2018-06-27

The GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation, obliges companies to comply with new duties, imposing tight demands regarding the protection of the Personal Data of European citizens, and the methods for processing and managing this Data. To assure compliance with the new legislation, Dipcode is preparing an application for supporting control of GDPR.

The Eurotux Group’s Web Development company presented this new application during the Ecosystem 2018, the annual event for Eurotux’s partners and clients. It is a new tool that helps establish an appropriate and effective control over all the processes required for complying with the GDPR, enabling you, namely, to adequately register and handle security breaches that affect systems where Personal Data is stored or processed.

The web interface application is a solution that supports the DPO’s (Data Protection Officer) work, enabling the definition of checklists for data sources, as well as proceeding with the logging of activities conducted within the scope of the conformity plan. The tool enables the management of tasks and alerts, generating reports.

The solution that is being developed by Dipcode allows you to control the processes related to the GDPR. The tool enables the centralization of evidence of compliance with the European regulation, allowing you to manage the non-conformities regarding the requisites of the Regulation. The application also proceeds with the logging of security breaches that companies may suffer, and the corrective actions that seek to improve the system. You can also record notifications addressed to different regulatory entities and to citizens, which allows you to manage compliance with the demand that information which is stipulated in the GDPR, namely for cases of security breach.

Dipcode plans to launch this application for controlling the GDPR within this year. It’ll be yet another significant ally for complying with the GDPR, in a process that demands the implementation of constant and effective measures.

If you’d like to receive more information on this or other solutions and services for guaranteeing compliance with the GPDR, please get in touch.

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