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Edit Value renews contract with Eurotux for IT infrastructure management

The Edit Value group continues to entrust Eurotux with the management of its Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. The two companies renewed their binding contract, in a sign of mutual trust.
Published on 2017-08-17

Eurotux and the Edit Value group renewed their partnership for Information Technologies (IT) infrastructure management services, reflecting the good relationship and trust between the two companies.

The spin-off born in the heart of the University of Minho, in Braga, Portugal, and that is currently a reference in financial and strategic management consulting, and human resources management, continues to deliver the management of its IT infrastructures to Eurotux.

“This renewal strengthens Edit Value’s trust in Eurotux, which is also reflected by an excellent relationship between the companies, at several levels”, states the Director of Consulting Services at Eurotux, Ricardo Oliveira.

“Both Eurotux and Edit Value have grown, and Edit Value has relied on Eurotux to address the challenges of growth, regarding the technological component that supports its business”, added Ricardo Oliveira.

Eurotux continues to assure the administration of Edit Value’s internal IT infrastructures and externalized services. Technical support is fundamental for conducting the daily operations of the business group’s workers. Any gaps or unavailability of service would imply substantial business losses, so the collaboration of Eurotux’s professionals is essential to assure operational continuity.

The skill of Eurotux’s expert technicians helps guarantee the quality and stability of the IT infrastructures for several customers. Companies from several industry sectors rely on experienced and qualified professionals to assure the proper and efficient functioning of their businesses.

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