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Eurotux optimized Cabelte’s IT infrastructure with IBM POWER8 system

One of the largest European industrial groups producing power and telecommunication cables, has entrusted Eurotux to update their IT infrastructure to an IBM POWER8 system.
Published on 2018-02-27

Cabelte Portugal, part of one of the largest European industrial groups producing energy and telecommunication cables, relied on Eurotux to optimize the availability and performance of its Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.

Cabelte’s technological infrastructure was based on a production system with Power 6 technology, which included a disaster recovery system and the Mimix replication software. Eurotux’s intervention sought to update to the IBM POWER8, in order to considerably increase the infrastructure’s capabilities in terms of performance, storage capacity, and backup.

The POWER8 was specially designed to support large workloads and enabling and increase in service performance. It assures the secure delivery of data and services. The systems based on IBM POWER8 processors also provide scalability, with an elastic capacity that can be increased or reduced according to your company’s needs.

In addition to implementing the POWER8 system, Eurotux also provides Cabelte with support and maintenance services, monitoring the company’s IT infrastructure needs.

With products for medium, high, and low voltage, fibre optics, special applications, and the auto industry, Cabelte has hundreds of employees located in Portugal and Spain. It also has delegations in several countries, from Europe to South America, as well as Africa and Asia. A significant dimension that helps to explain the investment in POWER8’s potential.

If you’d also like to increase the availability and efficiency of your IT infrastructure, get in touch with Eurotux now.

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