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Eurotux promotes IBM Power9 campaign at an unbeatable price

Eurotux’s campaign, which will be launched early October, will enable the installation, for a special price, an IBM Power9 – S914, a multiplatform solution with high performance and reliability, and prepared for the future.
Published on 2018-09-26

The latest generation of IBM Power9 servers was recently launched, providing the best conditions for system performance and security. With the renewal of its clients’ technological infrastructure in mind, Eurotux is about to launch a promotional campaign, at an unbeatable price, for the implementation of a high performance and reliability multiplatform solution.

The campaign begins in early October, extending until December 27th, 2018, and involves the installation of an IBM Power9 – S914, with 4 colours, virtualization capacity, 64 GB of RAM, and an optional external storage. The capacity to create virtual machines enables communication between several services in IBM i, AIX, or Linux environments, the latter being an operating system that has registered the greatest global growth, due to its advantages. The services provided with the basic configuration of the upcoming campaign, include the creation of two IBM i virtual machines, one for production services and another for non-production, as well as a virtual machine in Linux CentOS.

The investment in a Power9 infrastructure guarantees the latest generation in Information Technology architecture, renowned for their reliability and security, assuring companies’ continuous innovation and competitiveness. It is a multiplatform solution that enables several uses, namely Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Prediction, BigData, Business Intelligence, High-Performance Computing, and ERP.

And for those that already have their business management on an IBM Power I (ex-AS/400) system, the shift to this recent technology doesn’t invalidate the current investment, since the applications that run on the current systems will continue to run on the Power9, with no changes. At any rate, the new Power9 increases the system’s performance, strengthens security, and promotes efficient use of management resources, and hardware and software infrastructures, as well as the respective maintenance. Additionally, it fosters energetic efficiency.

Eurotux manages the largest base of IBM Power clients installed in Portugal. Additionally, Eurotux currently holds IBM Gold Business Partner status, which affirms its technical qualifications of excellence, and the satisfaction of its clients with the services provided. In addition to the IBM Power, the company operates in a wide range of areas, with consulting services, installation and operational maintenance of several technological infrastructures. Eurotux privileges the provision of custom made solutions, with competitive and innovative approaches, focusing on security and high availability, providing uninterrupted services for administration and monitoring.

Get in touch with Eurotux’s sales team now, to find out which solution is the best for your company.

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