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Eurotux provides Service Manager to its clients

Service Manager is a fundamental ally for the success of any business, helping you optimize the IT infrastructure and the investment in technology.
Published on 2018-11-23

Eurotux provides a Service Manager to its clients, who as a privileged expert on the circumstances of each case, promotes the optimization of the general performance of the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, maximizing the investment made.

This Service Manager generates reports, keeping up with the entire reality of the client’s IT infrastructure, namely to assess the state of services and eventual problems, in order to advanced recommendations and guidelines to intervene. The Service Manager is an expert that knows the client’s reality better than anyone else, allowing it to identify needs and opportunities, and advanced solutions to quickly solve problems. As such, it helps to control costs, and attain objectives, promoting the greatest possible efficiency for the IT infrastructure.

This is a personalized service that may imply hands-on or remote monitoring, but that is decisive to optimize the implemented technological solutions, so that they can be a real asset for the business. The Service Manager’s guidance is also fundamental for reducing risk.

The Service Manager should resort to the appropriate tools, to provide the best possible service. As such, through the implementation of a Configuration Management Database (CMDB), it will have a wide-ranging knowledge of the entire IT infrastructure. The CMDB provides you with a clear notion of all components, and the integration of that data with the incidents, problems, or service request recorded on a ticket systems, streamlining the global perception of the changes made. It also allows the creation of reports that help make the best investment decisions, based on the defined objectives. With these insights on hand, the Service Manager can provide fundamental guidance for the company’s IT strategy.

The implementation of a good IT Management strategy is essential for complying with the established goals, and for the sustained growth of any business. The consolidation of a global and long-term vision, also enables you to improve the relationship with the client, with the promotion of measures that foster satisfaction and loyalty.

The Service Manager is a fundamental piece to the success of any company, helping not only to make decisions, but also to innovate your business. And in order to win, you always have to stay ahead of the competition.

Get in touch with Eurotux’s team to learn how this service can help your company to grow.

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