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Eurotux strengthened its skills in POWER8 at IBM’s Technical University

Eurotux’s professionals took part in IBM’s in-depth technical training for IBM Power systems and IBM Storage, in Prague, strengthening their skills in POWER8 and receiving first-hand news regarding POWER9.
Published on 2017-11-22

Members of Eurotux’s Department of Research and Development were at IBM’s Technical University, in Prague, Czech Republic, between November 6th and 10th, for in-depth technical training on IBM z Systems, IBM Power System, and IBM Storage. The event is part of IBM’s strategy of promoting the upgrade and strengthening of its business partner’s skills. Eurotux is among them, with the status of Gold Business Partner.

The intensive training session, aimed for IBM Power specialists and conducted by some of the American company’s most renowned engineers, focused on POWER8 technology. IBM also revealed first-hand, some of the latest details on the POWER9 architecture that will be the basis for the Summit supercomputer, scheduled to be launched in 2018, as the “the fastest and most powerful in the world”.

At IBM’s Technical University, Eurotux’s professionals had the opportunity of strengthening their skills in IBMi and in Linux On Power, enhancing their knowledge regarding high availability, high performance, and disaster recovery, for these environments. The world’s major players in Linux, namely RedHat, Suse, and Ubuntu, had the chance to share information on their latest projects for the Power environment.

The virtues of POWER8 as the platform of choice for SAP HANA, a software launched by SAP to provide more features and better performance, were also covered at the training session in Prague. The POWER9 architecture was designed to handle large volumes of data and critical environments, promoting the ideal level of performance for SAP HANA. With capacity on demand, the POWER8 is considered a future-proof system that can grow along with the SAP HANA environment, with integrated virtualization that can host up to four databases on the same server.

IBM’s Technical University presented challenges and solutions for the present, as well as innovations that can be expected for the near future, in terms of Power Systems and IBM Storage. Eurotux’s professionals have thusly become more able to get the most out of their customer’s Power infrastructures.

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