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Eurotux supports and drives the development of the DevOps community

Eurotux is committed to the expansion of the DevOps methodology, which maximizes the collaboration between development and operational teams, reducing risks and costs, while incrementing the agility of deliveries to the client.
Published on 2018-07-30

Eurotux maintains an active role in organizing the Meetup Braga events, gathering the Portuguese city’s DevOps community. The company has provided its facilities to hold these meeting, supporting and promoting the DevOps approach, in order to drive greater collaboration, and a more productive relationship between the development and operational teams. The goal is to increase the quality and velocity of deliveries to the client.

The latest Meetup Braga hosted by Eurotux, was dedicated to the theme “Infrastructure as Code: Driving DevOps”. The software engineer of Eurotux’s R&D team, Diana Martins, described how the infrastructure as code tools strengthen the connections between the development and operational teams, consequently guaranteeing a more agile delivery of applications. This approach handles the infrastructures as software, i.e., as code that may be targeted by version control and review, continuous integration, and automated tests. This makes it easier and quicker to make changes to infrastructure, with greater security and reliability, increasing the guarantee of client satisfaction, regarding the software’s quality, as well as the implementation’s deadlines and final costs.

Eurotux provides support and consulting services for implementing DevOps, in order to assure shorter development cycles, maximize collaboration between teams, and reduce costs. This significantly reduces the deadlines for releases or for implementing a new solution, consequently reducing the time required to respond to clients’ needs and demands. Thanks to the DevOps methodology, companies can improve costs, obtain greater operational efficiency, and achieve business goals in a more agile and effective way.

Fully aware of the benefits that this method brings to the business world, Eurotux has driven the DevOps community in Braga, Portugal, through the previously mentioned Meetups, with the goal of sharing knowledge and ideas on themes such as cloud, automation, systems administration, security and cost control. With this expanding community, the company also fosters its training strategy, contributing to the qualification of professionals, and consequently, to the development of national DevOps area.

If you’d like to learn how the DevOps methodology can help your business to grow, get in touch with us now!