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Eurotux Group

IT Services and Solutions

Experts in planning, integrating, and implementing IT systems, offering information technology solutions that are developed according to clients’ needs.


IT Services, Cloud & DevOps

Eurotux’s broad portfolio of services is designed to reduce your time spent on IT, so you can focus on your business core activities.

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP) Eurotux provides uninterrupted support, monitoring, DBA and security – always meeting the customer’s specific needs.

In addition, the Cloud & DevOps service allow you to increase control of development cycles, reduce the risk, and increase product profitability.

Other services, such as Outsourcing, IT Projects and IT Consulting are also delivered using state-of-the-art technology and know-how. Each of them tailored for the customer.

Infrastructure and Solutions

We provide an assertive and business-oriented analysis of each company in order to correspond to the technical requirements and solutions necessary for new implementations, technological evolution and integrations with new technologies, migrations of legacy infrastructures, whether for physical, virtualized, cloud or hybrid environments.

Always evaluating the sustainability of investments, we resort to the best technological solutions in the market, associated to a set of strategic partnerships of enormous importance such as IBM, Lenovo, Sophos, Microsoft, VMWare, Veeam, Cisco, among others. We design the architecture, supply and implement the solutions.

Web Development

Dipcode is an Eurotux Group company specialized in custom web development. Over the years, the Dipcode team has implemented web projects resorting to open source technologies. The usage of standard and stable technologies provides the customer with the assurance that they won’t be dependent of proprietary software. 

The Dipcode team has implemented some of the biggest Portuguese sites with WordPress (banking, media, retail, education, and public administration) and some of the most critical solutions in Django (banks, insurance and elections).

Specialists in Webservices Integration, API Development, Content Migration, Replicated Architectures, Multi-Part Forms, and Advanced content management systems.

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