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ALIP invested in an IBM POWER 9 system with Eurotux’s help

ALIP – the Portuguese Milk and Dairy Interprofessional Association updated its Information Technology infrastructure, investing in an IBM POWER 9 system with the help of Eurotux.
Published on 2019-08-23

The ALIP – the Portuguese Milk and Dairy Interprofessional Association acquired an IBM POWER 9 system in order to update its Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, relying on the consulting of Eurotux and the all@work group for this process, maintaining the investment on the existing POWER technology.

The installation, configuration, and migration process from the previous system to the latest, was conducted by Eurotux in partnership with the all@work group, while the ALIP kept track, proceeding as usual, without mishaps, and no impact on the regular activity and no inconvenient delays. The investment in the IBM POWER 9 significantly improves ALIP’s IT infrastructure, given that it provides far superior capacities than the previous system.

Eurotux has implemented the IBM POWER 9 in several projects, since it vastly improves the infrastructure’s capacity in terms of processing, also assuring greater systems availability, more security, and more available space. As a multiplatform solution, it enables several uses and saves management and maintenance resource saving.

Eurotux’s experience within this scope, as a company that has the largest base of installed IBM POWER clients in Portugal, is an added-value for whoever chooses to invest in the technology. The fact Eurotux’s holds IBM Gold Business Partner status underscores the level of excellence of its employees’ skills, and its clients’ satisfaction with the services it provides.

This know-how, appropriately certified by IBM, helps to explain the partnership with the ALIP, an association that constitutes a national reference for the development of a wide range of dairy products. The organization initiated its activity in 2006, conducting analyses related to the classification and assessment of milk for producers and milking contrasts. They are also qualified to conduct microbiological analyses of animal feed. It’s associates include the Portuguese Association of Young Farmers, the National Association for the Improvement of dairy cattle, the Portuguese Association of Frisian Breeders, the Portuguese Association of Milk Producers, the National Confederation of Agriculture, the National Confederation of Cooperative Farming, the banking institution Crédito Agrícola de Portugal, the National Federation of Milk and Dairy Cooperative Unions, the National Dairy Industry Association, and the Portuguese Confederation of Farmers.

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