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App Meteo@IPMA developed by Eurotux

The app provides meteorological information and weather forecasts for over 300 locations in Portugal.
Published on 2014-08-22

The application is called Meteo@IPMA, is available for Android and iOS systems and results from a development project announced in April, for which the Portuguese Minister of Agriculture and the Sea, Assunção Cristas, declared that “the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) is at the forefront”. The institute has invested in mobile platforms because of the “increasing access to information through these types of devices”.

The institute’s website states that “by providing hourly forecasts for the atmosphere and sea conditions, we are fully aware of the risks, particularly concerning the forecasting of precipitation. The climate conditions in Portugal and the very local scales of precipitation and wind in mountainous regions contribute to the main difficulty in determining the weather. The methodology employed is very sophisticated but ultimately only user interaction can provide the critical test of its quality and usefulness, bringing the institute closer to its most important goal: serving the public”.

“One of the main characteristics of the app is the high level of detail of the meteorological information provided by IPMA, based on a greater level of scientific rigor in comparison to other meteorological information apps. This level of detail constituted an additional challenge in terms of usability, given the amount of information to display to users”, stated Ricardo Alves, Director of Development at Eurotux.

Among many others, we highlight the following features: forecasting the weather up to 10 days; information resolution every hour or every three-hours; forecasting the state of the sea and UV index; IPMA institutional news items.

The app has received positive feedback from users. Miguel Esteves Cardoso, Portuguese critic, writer and journalist, in an article published in O Público, a Portuguese daily newspaper, said that “you can’t imagine the joy that overcame me when I discovered a Portuguese weather app, that is not only free, but also the best version possible. It is the most accurate and honestly the most skeptic weather tool at our disposal”.

The app is free and is available on Google Play and Apple Store.


About IPMA

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere, I. P. (IPMA, I.P.) is a public institute, part of the Portuguese state’s indirect administration, endowed with administrative and financial autonomy and its own assets. It is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Sea, under the superintendence and oversight of the respective minister. It takes on responsibilities concerning national territory with regards to the sea and atmosphere, concentrating its investigative efforts on projects with direct operational application, seeking progressive improvement to the information it provides to its users, whether intended for both commercial endeavors or as a public service, with a particular concern in the latter case, with the safety of people and property.