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Clients show a high level of satisfaction with Eurotux services

The annual 2015 satisfaction survey shows that the professionalism, skill and quality of its solutions and technical services, among others, remain Eurotux strengths.
Published on 2015-09-30

In keeping with its commitment to quality and continuous improvement, Eurotux has asked its clients, as in previous years, to express their opinion on the work developed by the company, through a satisfaction survey.

The results show that, in general, the level of satisfaction attained in 2014, carried over into 2015. This is particularly positive, since Eurotux’s activity has expended, namely by investing in the IBM Power segment, and with the development of projects for new clients.

After analysis the answers show that Eurotux’s technical services continue to provide high levels of client satisfaction.

The quality of answers to requests is classified with a 4 or 5 by 80% of those inquired. While answering, characteristics such as courtesy, professionalism, and sympathy, are scored as a 4 or 5 by over 90%. The knowledge level demonstrated by technical support services provided to contracted services is also classified with 4 or higher by other 80% of respondents.

The commercial department also scored well. This is highlighted by 93% of those inquired considering that during the negotiation phase, Eurotux addresses their expectations, obtaining the best solution at the best price. Additionally, they consider that the offered solutions addressed their needs (95%) and that their requests were addressed quickly (92%). The clarity and assertiveness of the responses and the robustness of the solutions presented were also positive aspects.

As for possible improvements, the presentation of deadlines for requests resolution is suggested.

Globally, about 95% of those inquired are satisfied with the services provided by Eurotux and with its evolution in terms of skill.

In the annual client satisfaction survey for 2015, questions had a scale from 1 to 5 (lowest to greatest satisfaction) from previous years, to enable a direct comparison. The results are based on 86 answers received from 629 sent surveys.

This survey is part of a wide range of communication channels that Eurotux used as part of its client support, which stands out for the possibility of gathering feedback on issues and areas that other channels don’t generally cover.

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