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Computer Engineering practices for the Order of Engineers

The Portuguese National Council of the College of Computer Engineering (CNCEI) has developed a project to identify, contextualize and classify the common practices of Computer Engineering professionals, having presented the first version of this paper at its congress held in October 2012.
Published on 2013-02-26

The reference paper (available in Portuguese only) first defines the typology of tasks executed by an engineer: Engineering projects (analysis, solution conception and implementation), engineering management (organization, control and coordination of resources) and inspection (evaluation of performance levels and rigour of performance practices). As well as these types, there is also execution (the tangible completion of technology based solutions).

Subsequently, computer engineering practices were defined, namely: Planning and Auditing of Information Systems; Domain Analysis and Requirements Engineering; Design and Development of IT Solutions; Testing and Validation of IT Solutions; Planning and Running IT infrastructure, and lastly, Project Management and Information Systems.

The CNCEI believes that this paper – considered a continuously evolving starting point – may be a fundamental reference enabling the Order to sustain and regulate the scope of its professionals’ activity, as well as consolidating the Computer Engineering community in Portugal.

Eurotux participated in the document’s drafting.

The strategy pursued by the Council included the establishment of a conceptual framework fitted for the Portuguese socioeconomic context, in-line with the main international references on the specification of Computer Engineering professions. Taskforces were later created, comprised by a majority of industry professionals, experienced in the fields concerned.

The results achieved from this effort in the North Region of the Order of Engineers, were presented and discussed with the Center and South Regional Councils, as well as the former presidents of the CNCEI.

Eurotux was invited to take part in this project, participating in the analysis and discussion process, as well as its presentation at the Congress of the Order of Engineers.

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