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Cut costs on your IT infrastructure

Some expenses are so usual and routine they are no longer questioned. Consider for example, the money spent on keeping your technological infrastructure up and running. Do you know the value of your energy bill? And operational costs? Eurotux can tell you, and what’s more, can help you save money.
Published on 2013-04-30

At your company nothing is standing still. Employees move according to their tasks. Even furniture is replaced or moved around. Why then, must your IT infrastructure remain still? Don’t take your IT infrastructure costs for granted, because they too can be reduced.

Eurotux can evaluate an organization’s infrastructure so as to measure its efficiency, performance and energy bill. Based on this data, it becomes easier to save on fixed expenses and reduce operational costs. The savings become even more apparent after taking into account Eurotux’ supply of open source software solutions.

Since technology is constantly evolving, updating systems and consolidating infrastructure through virtualization, can bring short and medium term gains.  New equipment can mean saving on your electricity bill, and significant increase in system performance and capacity, while virtualization allows for the simplification and optimization of service management.

An active manufacturer’s warranty can allow you to save money in equipment support and maintenance.

Along with these advantages, an active manufacturer’s warranty can allow you to save a lot of money in equipment support and maintenance.

Best of all is that these savings can allow you to completely repay your investment in a relatively short period of time. Also, Eurotux – resorting to its list of partners – can help raise financing for this renewal, either from the producer or from specialized companies.

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Eurotux Solutions

Eurotux is the solution for all your infrastructure problems and upgrades. Right from the start, the company’s auditing and consulting services help you figure out where your money is going. Based on this analysis, Eurotux’ experience helps you save with solutions that can be housed in their facilities. The company can propose the total or partial outsourcing of IT service management, identifying services that can be competitively outsourced, and also, suggest access to a vast and economical supply of cloud services.

Eurotux also possesses a network of partners (companies such as IBM, Cisco, or VMWare), that guarantee access to state-of-the-art technology, and top quality, always with an adequate maintenance and support guarantee.

Example: Backup Analysis

Backups are often considered a minor concern, and for one simple reason: no-one remembers them until something has gone wrong and it’s necessary to restore a file or a system. In this situation, if adequate precautions haven’t been taken, several months, if not years of work, may be lost forever.

Eurotux can provide a diverse set of backup solutions, involving open source software, proprietary solutions from market leading companies such as Arkeia, IBM, and EMC, or through Eurotux’ cloud services. These solutions can be combined, providing for hybrid solutions (typically through a local backup, complemented with an off-site cloud backup), of high technical quality and maximizing data security.

Eurotux, as well as being able to provide a wide range of backup solutions, also provides operation and monitoring services with which your systems can be managed and monitored 24 hours per day. Maximum security for a minimum price.

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