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DevOps: an engine to accelerate your business

The DevOps methodology maximizes collaboration between development and operation teams, adding value to the business by way of more frequent deliveries and lower development costs.
Published on 2017-04-18

The main goal of DevOps is to allow organizations to place their applications and digital solutions more quickly into production. This methodology reconciles communication, collaboration, and integration between software engineers (developers), responsible for developing and implementing the product, and systems administrators (sysadmins), responsible for deployments and monitoring, ensuring the proper functioning of the product’s underlying information technology infrastructure.

With the adoption of DevOps, teams contribute directly to reaching the business goals, with permanent cost control.

The main benefits of this methodology are the increase in control over the development cycle, and the reduction of associated costs, and greater product profitability.

DevOps teams work with more frequent development cycles and with less associated effort, that allow them to quickly implement new features. Consequently, the time-to-market is shorter in comparison to other traditional methodologies. Additionally, integration and testing is continuous, with the use of tools that automate tasks, resulting in fewer flaws and waste.

From small and medium sized businesses to large multinationals, the DevOps methodology has gained ground, and the majority of organizations that have adopted it have recorded high gains in productivity, greater product quality, and faster development.

Eurotux has several versatile teams, experienced in agile methodologies, and capable of adapting to several working methods, in order to quickly respond to the customer’s needs.

To learn more about the implementation or outsourcing of DevOps, get in touch with Eurotux.

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