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DigitalSign chooses Eurotux to implement its disaster recovery infrastructure

DigitalSign benefits from a solution specially developed to minimize the impact of an eventual disaster to a significant portion of your IT infrastructure, guaranteeing a faster reactivation of services.
Published on 2016-08-31

DigitalSign, an electronic security and digital certification company, assigned Eurotux the implementation of a disaster recovery solution for its information technology (IT) infrastructure in Portugal.

The company invested in a new Lenovo storage unit, enabling it to create the redundancy and other mechanisms, required to support disaster recovery scenarios. Given its features, the storage enables quick reactivation of services in case of production infrastructure failure.

The implementation of this project brings multiple benefits to DigitalSign. On the one hand, the robustness and agility the solution provides, allows you to construct more elaborate disaster recovery scenarios, with a significant reduction in downtime. On the other hand, the large storage capacity enables you to store data from physical and virtual servers, as well as from critical business applications.

The choice of Eurotux to develop this project, results from the lengthy relationship that the companies have maintained. Eurotux has provided DigitalSign with technical support services and operational maintenance for several years. This project strengthens the trust that the digital certification company demonstrates in Eurotux’s system administration services and solutions. Likewise, it strengthens the relationship between client, integrating partner, and producer.

About DigitalSign

DigitalSign plans and develops customized security processes for networks, identifying, certifying and enabling encryption for communications. This activity enables the identification of physical and legal entities that communicate and exchange data via networks (Internet, extranets, and intranets). The use of digital certification confers a high level of security.

The company is highlighted by its activity as a Portuguese certifier for the emission of qualified digital certificates, operating in tandem with the British Telecommunication PLC, both registered in the National Security Office, as certified entities.

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