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Eurotux and Rocket Software strengthen partnership

Rocket Software solutions help thousands of companies all over the world, in managing their IT infrastructure and their data, as well as extending those assets to benefit from the cloud, mobile, analytics, and other innovations.
Published on 2016-06-30

Eurotux is part of a partnership program with Rocket Software. As such, the company provides a more wide ranging commercial support and more efficient technical service for this brand’s solutions. Rocket Software’s products provides unique features and are a market reference, being used by organization from a diverse set of sectors.

With the increased focus in the IBM Power segment, Eurotux implements more and more Rocket Software solutions. Among the main references, are companies such as Flex2000, Simoldes, Via Consulting, and Intraplás.

Eurotux is specialy apt with iCluster, a solution that guarantees high availability and suited for disaster recovery scenarios for data and IBM i applications. The company possesses significant technical knowledge of the solution, and has the capacity to address the most demanding information technology (IT) strategies.

Following a proactive technological approach, other tools are being explored, namely, for modernizing applications (LegaSuite) and information management (Aldon), which Eurotux believes to be capable of adding value to a significant set of customers.

Rocket Software Solutions

iCluster : business continuity and disaster recovery solution that guarantees high availability and uninterrupted operationality for application on the IBM i platform.

Aldon: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) e DevOps solution that helps automatize software implementation processes.

LegaSuite: Solution that integrates midrange applications with more modern interfaces, providing a user experience adapted to web and mobile environments.

Terminal Emulation: Green-screen emulation solution that provides interfaces via desktop, web and mobile with a low total  cost of ownership.

Servergraph: Backup management solution that cuts costs and complexity of monitoring and reporting in heterogeneous environments.

Arkivio: Data management solution that enables tiered storage, optimized backups, file system reporting, compliance, and non-structured data storage.

TRUfusion: Automization and management of processes and product design-related files.

To learn more about Rocket Software solutions, schedule a meeting with Eurotux's sales department, or reach us by telephone +351 253 680 300 or by Email


About Rocket Software

Rocket Software is an information technology company that helps organizations within the IBM community, to build solutions that address their present needs, while protecting their technological investments for the future.

Founded in 1990, Rocket Software is headquartered in Massachusetts, United States of America, and has offices in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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