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Eurotux and Worten expand collaboration for administrating internal systems

Worten has expanded the range of Eurotux services to include the administration of internal systems. The two companies already cooperated with digital services, with DevOPs services for AWS.
Published on 2019-06-27

Worten and Eurotux signed a new contract for the provision of internal platform systems administration services. This widens the scope of cooperation, between two companies that already worked in the digital sector for AWS with DevOps services, to other sectors.

The widening of the range of services provided to Worten reflects the trust that the Portuguese market-leading company in the field of home appliances and consumer electronics, has in Eurotux’s professionals. Even more so when considering that the administration of internal services is a demanding and pertinent service. Additionally, Eurotux’s technical team certainly has the technical skills and experience to address the task’s requirements with the same quality deployed with DevOps services for AWS.

Systems administration includes planning, implementing, and maintenance of Information Technology (IT) infrastructures, constituting a fundamental area for the good performance of a company as large as Worten. This service allows you to detect and prevent failures, as well as correct them and adopt measures that prevent them from ever occurring again. It is also essential for guaranteeing the performance of an IT infrastructure, to assure the correct and continuous operation, in ideal conditions. Active monitoring of the entire system is vital for an organization of Worten’s size, in which downtime and any eventual incidents, imply high costs.

Worten is part of the Portuguese Sonae Group, and has a chain of stores across the main regions of country. It also has several stores in Spain, having acquired the Boulanger chain. Providing a wide range of products and brands in home appliances, consumer electronics, and entertainment, Worten offers customers highly competitive prices and impressive promotional campaigns.

The services Eurotux provides Worten with have helped the company follow a path of success, with an omnichannel strategy that is always focused on the customer’s needs and satisfaction.