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Eurotux attains Microsoft Silver Partner status in Hosting competency

Microsoft has attributed Eurotux with a new level of partnership, rewarding demonstrated skills and client references. This new status delivers additional benefits that raise the quality of services provided.
Published on 2014-05-27

Eurotux, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), attained Microsoft’s approval for the Silver level in Hosting competency. This attribution follows the company’s position as a global partner for technology, deepening its commitment with its service quality and the scope of its solutions.

Within the MPN, the Silver level helps clients in identifying service providers that demonstrate their skill in implementing Microsoft solutions. To obtain this status, partners must pass a set of exams ascertaining the technical skills that prove their level of know-how, employ Microsoft Certified Professionals on their team, and submit client references. Eurotux has implemented solutions for hosting, Window Server licensing and configuration, SQL Server and Office 365.

“To reach this level, we’ve established our expertise in Hosting and the skills required to serve our clients with maximum quality. The Microsoft solutions that cover this area have been a part of our skill portfolio for several years, and typically, we install on the client’s infrastructure or our datacenter, where clients have their own machines or they use the Cloud. This attribution recognizes the work we’ve developed and our capacity for implementing solutions in all kinds of technological environments that provide the performance level required for applications that are critical for client’s businesses, says Jorge Paiva, Sales Director at Eurotux.

This new partnership level provides access to a wider range of benefits. Silver partners acquire firsthand knowledge on Microsoft’s latest resources and software capabilities, with the possibility of using them internally. The technical teams have access to training programs to develop new skills. They can also count on the support of Microsoft’s technicians and consultants to aid in problem resolution and in advising solutions for clients. Microsoft partner also benefit from a set of Marketing and CRM tools, providing better service quality.


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