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Eurotux broadens its range of services for the Azorean market

The company completed an institutional roundtrip in the Azores, where it approached organizations in several sectors.
Published on 2015-05-28

Eurotux deployed a task force dedicated to broadcasting the company’s supply of services and solutions in the Azorean market. This initiative highlights Eurotux’s effort in focusing on the region, providing local organizations with a new partner that enables them to enhance the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure management skills that support their business.

In what is still an economically demanding time, Eurotux presents solutions tailored to any organization. The company privileges remote interventions without putting off stopovers that are actually necessary, thus mitigating the costs of insularity that reflect in the provision of services and the displacement of human resources.

Eurotux’s focus on the Azorean market, seeks to shore up the lack of effective support and/or alternatives that organizations suffer from, due to their geographic location. The company presented its solutions and services to organizations in several sectors, namely, transportation, banking, and public institutions.

Eurotux’s main reference in the Azores, is Unicol – Union of Terceira’s Dairy Cooperatives, UCRL, located on Terceira Island, its local team being supported and complemented with the provision of support, monitoring and maintenance services for its IT infrastructure.

This effort carries with it certain objectives, that include the acquisition of new clients and establishing partnerships with Azorean organizations, in order to provide a more effective and efficient IT response, so that they can reap the added-value of working with a team of experts.

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