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Eurotux commemorates its 16th anniversary

The get-together for Eurotux’s employees and management marked the celebration of yet another anniversary.
Published on 2016-02-29

Eurotux celebrated 16 years of existence on February 17. Employees and management shared a common desire for the company to continue its successful path, guided by the high standards of quality and professionalism it has acquired.

During the last year, Eurotux has further differentiated itself in the information technology market, highlighted by achieving the ISO 9001 for quality, and the NP 4457 certification for research development and innovation, continuing its sustained growth, as reflected by 2015’s increase in revenues.

The company congratulates itself, not only for its 16 years, but also for the people that have contributed on a daily basis, towards the success of the project. It hopes to continue addressing its client’s needs, focusing on sustainable relationships, built on a basis of trust and excellence.

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