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Eurotux creates Vida Económica’s new web platform

The Web2economy platform, a new content management system developed by Eurotux for the Vida Económica editorial group, has just been launched.
Published on 2013-02-18

Eurotux creates Vida Económica’s new web platform

Vida Económica website has a new management system.

The upgrade to a new generation online publishing platform was accomplished with two goals in mind. On the one hand, an increase in content management usability, and integration with billing software on the other.

This unified solution integrates the main elements of the website – users and online shopping – all in one platform. As a result, the new website management system allows for faster and simpler content management.

Furthermore, Web2economy benefits from a technology that can be a basis for several means of communication, granting the Vida Económica editorial group with a system that opens the doors for the website’s content to the world of mobile devices.

As well as the development, Eurotux will also assume the responsibilities of permanent supervision of the platform through its 24x7, support, maintenance and monitoring services.

Eurotux and Vida Económica Group

The relationship between Vida Económica and Eurotux began in 2005, with the hosting of the web platform in the editorial group’s facilities, and continuing in 2007, when it was relocated to the cloud by Eurotux.

Flexibility during platform production, offering hosting and maintenance, were cited as the main arguments for choosing Eurotux as the provider of Web2economy.

Vida Económica is a Portuguese national business newspaper, pertaining to the Vida Económica Editorial Group. Originally founded in 1933, the group’s current flagship newspaper was initially released in the 1980’s, followed by magazines specializing in topics such as the European common market, labour, social security, and real estate, as well as the publishing of books aimed at the professional market.

The group’s philosophy is oriented by a standard of rigorously informing and enlightening, businesses and professionals that operate in sectors where information is essential but often complex and inaccessible.