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Eurotux Group records the best first semester in its history

The first semester of 2017 was the best ever in the entire history of the Eurotux Group, with revenues increasing to nearly 35%. This acceleration in business reflects the customer’s confidence in the company.
Published on 2017-07-20

The Eurotux Group continues its sustained growth, with the figures for the first semester of 2017 revealing a significant increase in revenues. With a growth of nearly 35%, it is the best first semester in the company’s history.

Several factors have contributed to this considerable growth, namely, the broad increase in service delivery for multiplatform solutions, including the company’s new strategic areas, such as DEVOPS, and Cloud Infrastructure management, and IT management.

The segmentation of the Dipcode® business area (the Eurotux Group’s development team) and the importance of the business and joint strategy with IBM, have also contributed to these very positive results.

The economic confidence of businesses, with an upward trend in investments in solutions and services that increase profitability, also helps to explain the Eurotux Group’s success.

The expectation is that the growth curve will remain high until the end of the year, aligned with the continuous investment in quality, rigour, and professionalism.

The Eurotux Group thanks its customers for their confidence, and is committed to remain an ally in the continuous pursuit of success, with its ongoing strategy of constant technological innovation and the dedication of a professional team of excellence.