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Eurotux has new facilities in Braga

Eurotux’s new headquarter in Braga, Portugal, is located on Travessa Manuel da Silva Gomes. An investment worth one million euros, in a year in which the company is registering its greatest results ever.
Published on 2019-10-30

Eurotux is finalizing its change of facilities to its new operational headquarter in Braga, Portugal. An investment on the order of one million euros that seeks to sustain the company’s growth, benefiting from improved conditions for its employees and foreseeing the strengthening of its work teams, always keeping the focus on maximizing its clients’ satisfaction.

The relevant investment in the new headquarter located on Travessa Manuel da Silva Gomes, in Braga, Portugal, will enable Eurotux to continue to evolve and grow sustainably, incrementing the quality of services that retained the loyalty of the company’s main clients throughout the years. It is a focus that also reflects upon the trust in the company’s on-going expansion, with the internationalization strategy, or by opening offices in Lisbon and Porto, as well as Bragança, Portugal.

The expansion of Eurotux’s infrastructures is a natural step, arriving in a year in which the company is recording its greatest results ever, in terms of revenue and profitability. The Eurotux Group has achieved positive indicators for consecutive years, maintaining a sustained growth tendency. The new facilities will enable the consolidation of this progressive curve, improving logistics and operational processes, significantly fostering the well-being of its employees.

Eurotux will be moving to a building designed outright for its needs and requirements, complying with functional requisites that allow it to increment productivity. The new headquarter will enable the expansion of the work teams. In recent years, Eurotux has hired dozens of new employees, currently relying on 60. The new facilities allow for an expansion of over 20% in work positions.

What has not changed since the company’s genesis is its commitment to its client, continuing to develop solutions tailored according to their needs, and providing differentiated services that help create value and competitive advantages to their businesses.

We await your visit at our new facilities. Meanwhile, you can reach us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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