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Eurotux increases its focus on IBM Power segment through partnership with grupo@work

With this partnership, Eurotux enriches the technological legacy of grupo@work while adding a new amplitude of skills, namely in the areas of IBM hardware, Virtualization, High Availability, Security and Communications.
Published on 2014-07-31

The technological evolution in the field of IT renews itself so quickly that it takes a high level of expertise in order to identify key elements that translate into competitive advantages for clients. These new paradigms drove grupo@work to push forward with a new model that would involve creating a strategic partnership with an organization that would add value. The challenge was presented to Álvaro Coimbra, General Director of net@work, who upon completing a meticulous market analysis and an intense internal evaluation, identified Eurotux as the right choice.

In the belief that its work adds value for grupo@work’s clients, Eurotux decided to accept the challenge of creating a strategic partnership. Increasing the focus on the IBM Power/iSeries segment is yet another milestone in the company’s history of service and solution integration. This partnership delivers its characteristically profound technical know-how to new companies and organizations, that as well as the maintenance and evolution of current solutions, may benefit from new, competitive and innovative technological solutions.

For Manuel Saraiva, Administrator of grupo@work, “this partnership allows us to better serve our clients, not only because Eurotux adds new solutions, but they also have the capacity to support their clients 24/7. Their great skill, in both Open Source solutions as well as solutions from globally renowned brand names, allows them to create solutions that are suited to a high return for our clients.

According to António José Coutinho, Administrator of Eurotux, “in the IT market there is an incessant need for specialization. Eurotux is recognized as an expert in the areas it operates in and this partnership demonstrates confidence in the work we develop. The clients will earn access to a wider supply of service while they benefit from our capacity and experience in creating business value from technological infrastructures. Additionally, new opportunities arise for companies that use IBM Power systems. As well as the System I, the Power systems allow the use of Open Source solutions, and being Eurotux an expert in this field, there is immense potential and countless benefits for our clients.

This partnership will begin on August 1st 2014, with the minimum duration of 3 years and requires that Eurotux will provide hardware solutions, operating systems and integration services to grupo@work’s clients, enjoying, on behalf of the group, the same conditions that net@work had been using. Net@work will then focus its activity on Cloud and Box, also serving as a interconnection channel with Eurotux.


About grupo@work

Grupo@work began in 2007, operating in the Information Technology solution market, in a structure that balances experience and innovation. It is by excelling in innovation, without ever losing a sense of practicality, that it spares no effort in continuously improving its solutions, setting as its main objective, providing a supply of high added-value technology. Grupo@work features two companies, all@work, that develops businesses in over a hundred clients, featuring its PowerERP for medium-sized organizations, and uMan@work, which relies on a team that is completely dedicated and specially suited for the Human Resources IT Solution business, featuring its product, Global HR, installed in several SME and a few large companies in our country. These companies provide solutions On Premise and on the Cloud.


About Eurotux

Eurotux is a company specializing in the planning, development, and integration, of information technology systems, providing IT systems suited to clients’ needs. Created in 2000 as an initiative of professors from the University of Minho, Portugal, it combines technical and scientific excellence to a prudent management, that always managed a sustainable growth, rooted in high levels of capital and excellent result figures, liquidity and solvability, earning it the status as “SME Excellence” for four consecutive years, and the “SME Leader” during eight consecutive years. In light of the complete mastery it possesses in the specific fields it operates in, Eurotux has consolidated its position as a player of reference on the market. Its technical team is built up of highly qualified professionals, in system integration and administration, as well as the development of web software. Currently, is possesses a Research and Development unit, responsible for innovative products in the field of networks and infrastructures. Eurotux’s staff includes 36 people, 85% of whom possess an undergraduate or masters’ degree in IT.