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Eurotux is a PowerAdvantage Approved Partner of Eaton

The company has partnered with Eaton, to provide the best and more competitive electricity quality and continuity solutions on the market.
Published on 2016-02-29

Eurotux took part recently, in Eaton’s PowerAdvantage partnership program. Eaton’s is a world leading provider of power solutions for the information technology and data center sectors.

As an Approved Partner of the Eaton PowerAdvantage Partner Program, Eurotux has access to support resources, essential for providing the best service and monitoring for this company’s solutions.

As an expert in implementing IT infrastructures, Eurotux considers this partnership an asset for its clients, as it enables the provision of Eaton solutions, with a superior and more financially attractive level of service.


About Eaton

Eaton is a world leader in power management products and services, providing solutions for several types of environments, making their clients energy usage, more efficient, safe, and sustainable. It employs over 100 thousand workers worldwide and is active in more than 175 countries.

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