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Eurotux is preparing a free webinar on the i-doit solution

A free webinar on September 24, 2019, will feature the i-doit solution that enables the documentation of IT systems, assuring stable and efficient operation of information networks.
Published on 2019-08-22

Eurotux is promoting a free webinar for its clients, regarding the i-doit solution, a CMDB (configuration Management Database) software that enables the documentation of Information Technology (IT) systems. This event is scheduled for September 24th, 2019, within the scope of the partnership with the company that developed the i-doit, Synetics GmbH.

As a representative of the i-doit solution for the Iberian market, Eurotux is providing briefing sessions on this CMDB tool that delivers evident advantages in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, and compliance with goals. To this end, Eurotux welcomes the participation of its clients at the webinar on September 24th, which will be guided by Synetics and especially targeted for IT administrators and decision-makers within this scope, in any activity sector that is looking to implement an efficient IT Service Management strategy.

Eurotux’s clients will be able to sign-up for this webinar for free, but should, for the time being, manifest their interest in taking part. A case study will be presented at the briefing session, which will demonstrate i-doit’s life-cycle, as well as real-time data regarding the software’s operation. There will also be a live demonstration of i-doit add-ons for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). One of the virtues of this CMDB solution is that it contributes to GDPR compliance.

The i-doit tool enables the documentation of changes made to IT systems, as well as the easy definition of emergency plans and detection of relevant information in a centralized location. As a solution that assures the stable and efficient operation of information networks, adaptable to needs, and open to future requirements, it is being implemented by Eurotux in several projects. Given the added-value it fosters, Eurotux is conceding its clients the possibility of learning more about the i-doit tool. If you’d like to participate in the free webinar on September 24th, get in touch with us.


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