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Eurotux joins the Punctual Payment Commitment

The Punctual Payment Commitment is an initiative that seeks to promote a corporate culture of “paying suppliers on time”.
Published on 2015-04-28

According to recent data from the Portuguese Industrial Association (AIP), 75% of Portuguese companies report having problems related to delays in payments. The constraints caused by these delays can affect the development of these companies and consequently, national economic growth. As such, to fight the culture of late payments, the Christian Association of Entrepreneurs and Managers (ACEGE), in partnership with the Portuguese Institute for Small and Medium Enterprise Competitiveness and Innovation (IAPMEI) and the Confederation of Portuguese Business (CIP), are promoting the Punctual Payment Commitment.

In signing up to this initiative, the companies make a public commitment to do their utmost to pay suppliers on time and to set up the internal mechanisms necessary to streamline payments and manage deadlines.

Throughout its existence, Eurotux has always honoured its commitments to suppliers, paying its bills on time, and therefore adhering naturally to this initiative.



The ACEGE is an association that shares Christian values and seeks to apply them in their professional lives. It aims to be considered as a moral reference in Portuguese society, strengthening it with a forthright attitude of affirmation and enlightenment and aiding the spread of a culture of responsibility.

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