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Eurotux moved ahead to deal with the COVID-19 peak

An early contingency plan was adopted by Eurotux to decrease the risk of contamination of its team. Since the beginning of March 80% of the employees started working from home.
Published on 2020-03-24

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, Eurotux has developed and activated contingency plans at the end of february to reduce the chances of spreading the infection, and has educated about preventive best practices.

Eurotux’s level of commitment in emergency situations is so high that the company sent 80% of its employees to work from home, since March 2nd, 2020 (when only 2 confirmed COVID-19 cases existed in Portugal), to provide the services without any interruption. This action has minimized the probabilities of community infection. As you can see, Eurotux is prepared to provide the same quality for its clients, even in the generalized quarantine scenario, and is also worried to ensure the wellness and health of all our employees.

We have decided to adopt more stringent rules, as we decrease the number of employees working at both our own and clients’ facilities to the bare minimum, but we are keeping the physical interactions when it’s mandatory for the service.

On March 16th, all of the departments were invited to join a video conference meeting with the entire staff where the Management of the company explained some of the concerns, but also hope for the future. One of the main topics was the value of maintaining a good communication between coworkers and company in times like these.

Despite the distance and social isolation that is needed to keep the virus from spreading, Eurotux’s team can trust on reliable tools like chat, e-mail, video conference and telephone, that guarantee a more connected and safe way of working. Having these tools and using them wisely will allow us to overcome these challenging times.