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Eurotux opened a new office in Porto

A new Eurotux office has just opened in Porto. After opening an office in Bragança in the last trimester of 2018, the company continues on a path to sustained and strategic growth.
Published on 2019-05-20

Eurotux has recently opened a new office in Porto, Portugal, proceeding on its path of strategic and sustained expansion. Located next to the Trindade, in a prime area of the city, a new company office aims to provide proximity for a fringe of clients located in The Unvanquished City, as well as widen the base of partners in a geographic area with a high business potential.

Since the opening of the office in Bragança, in a focus on the unexplored potential of the country’s interior, Eurotux has widened its facilities to Portugal’s second largest city. A natural step that reflects the company’s sustained growth that will drive and amplify the client portfolio, allowing it to reach new public. This expansion of the market is aligned with the global strategy outlined by the Eurotux Group, which is focused on progressive development with the diversified location of services.

The new office in Porto, also allows for creating new jobs, and consequently, capturing new young talents. This has been another of the Eurotux Group’s main challenges, which has a strong policy of valuing its human resources, aware that they are the greatest wealth of any company.

“Eurotux’s clients and employees in Porto will continue to rely on the services of excellences that we are used to provide”, guarantees Eurotux’s administrator, António José Coutinho. “In the medium-term, the goal is to expand the company’s area of influence within the Metropolitan Area of Porto, maintaining an ascending curve of growth by providing solutions according to clients’ needs”, adds the administrator.

In addition to the offices in Bragança and Porto, as well as its headquarters in Braga, Portugal, Eurotux’s services also reach Mozambique through ITMZ – Serviços e Soluções. The Eurotox Group also includes MORE Sec, a Portuguese-Brazilian partnership in the field of IT security, and Dipcode, a Web Development company.

The Eurotux Group would like to thank all of its clients, employees, and partners for their contribution to this in-door and out-door expansion.

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