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Eurotux prepares new facilities with high employee satisfaction

Eurotux’s 2019 Employee Satisfaction Survey reveals a significant increase in the acknowledgement of the company’s policies. To follow through on this continuous path of improvement, new facilities are being finalized.
Published on 2019-07-29

Eurotux’s Employee Satisfaction Assessment Survey revealed very positive results, with significant improvements on 2018. A sign that the company’s strong policy for human resources as a strategic vector for growth, is producing the desired effects.

The evaluation was conducted within the scope of the “Tux Team Commit 2019”, centred on 17 dimensions of Eurotux’s reality, regarding the organizational context, working conditions for each employee, and the expectations regarding professional recognition that are to be found within the company. The employee’s involvement with the organization was also assessed.

The results obtained reflect significant improvements on the employee satisfaction survey conducted in 2018. There is an evident increase in the satisfaction and recognition of what the company’s accomplishments, with an increase of the rate of agreement on the majority of the issues evaluated, between 10% and 20%. The issues “benefits”, and “quality of life”, attained levels of satisfaction very close to 100%, which reflects Eurotux’s focus on providing its employees with advantages and special conditions in accessing certain services.

Also noteworthy is the improvement regarding “recognition”, “training and development”, “career development”, and “salary”, illustrating the company’s effort in addressing the professional needs of its employees. In such a competitive field, where salaries often rise beyond the labour market’s reality, it is important to underscore the employees’ satisfaction with salaries, indicating good integration with the company, and the perception of its effort with a fair and sustained salary policy.

These results prove that Eurotux’s investment in valuating human resources, with the goal of attracting talents in a highly competitive sector, is rendering results. Carrying on this path toward creating better conditions for its employees, Eurotux’s new facilities are being finalized and will be inaugurated shortly. This change to a new location will enable the optimization of work processes, driving improvements in terms of organization and logistics, which will streamline the team’s tasks. It is one more step for continuously incrementing the employee’s levels of satisfaction and motivation. Only this can allow Eurotux to grow – and consequently promote the personal and professional growth of its employees.

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