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Eurotux redesigns Expresso website

Expresso’s website has a new look. Its redesign brought improvements in presentation, browsing, and user experience. Eurotux was responsible for the project’s implementation.
Published on 2014-05-27

As with most of the Impresa Group’s important projects, the launch of the Expresso portal’s new design occurred on day 6. The redesign’s release occurred at zero hours, and later the same day, the Impresa Group launched the Expresso Diário, a new daily evening newspaper available only in digital format. Despite this being an independent project, Eurotux accompanied its launch, given that the Expresso website was the doorway for the new newspaper. The strong focus on promoting the Expresso Diário lead to a high traffic level on the Expresso website, that is hosted on Eurotux’s infrastructure.

Along with the changes in design, some technological alterations were made as well. The HTML was optimized and cache mechanisms were improved. Page layouts were reformulated and technologies that improve user experience (e.g., the Infinite Scroll eliminates paging, providing a continuous flow of news, increasing the user-retention rate). The Expresso’s team provided the design and required features, leaving it to Eurotux’s experts to suggest and implement the necessary technical solutions in a short period of time.

“With previous experiences with launches for Expresso, we know that, by itself, the website’s redesign creates a surge in viewers. Both this launch and of the Expresso Diário, were accompanied by our experts, who engaged proactively, guaranteeing the service’s total and permanent availability. This project was an interesting challenge, given that it required a high number of operation within a very small timeframe. During the development period a test environment was provided in order to simulate the real environment. Our development team worked very closely with the Expresso team and responded quickly to their requests. The release was the culmination of a period of intense work and the project was a success”, said Daniela Costa, Project Manager at Eurotux.


About the Expresso

Founded on January 6, 1973, the Expresso newspaper is a Portuguese weekly newspaper of reference and one of the Impresa Group’s most important assets. It is the most widely read weekly newspaper in Portugal, in both print and online format.


About the Impresa Group

The Impresa Group, is the largest private media group in Portugal. Its activity is divided into three business areas that include the SIC television station, cable channels, the Expresso newspaper, an extensive portfolio of magazines and also interests in publication distribution.