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Eurotux renovates Marques Soares’ IT infrastructure

The historic Armazéns Marques Soares have renovated their Information Technology infrastructure by updating to IBM POWER 9, with the help of Eurotux and all@work.
Published on 2019-07-24

The Armazéns Marques Soares (Marques Soares Warehouses) have acquired an IBM POWER 9 system within the scope of the renovation of its Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. A process in which the historic brand, with almost 60 years of existence, could count on the partnership with Eurotux and the all@work group.

In addition to acquiring an IBM POWER 9, Marques Soares also invested in an IBM V5010 Storage with SSD disks, interconnected by a SAN Switch. Aware of the importance that technology has for sustaining and growing your business, Marques Soares has continuously invested in innovation. This intervention, promoted with the support of Eurotux and all@work, and using the latest approaches on the technological market, enables greater system availability, more security, more redundancy, more available space, more processing capacity, and more capacity for internal applicational development.

Armazéns Marques Soares’ investment in IBM infrastructures, through all@work management software, goes back to the 1980s, having contributed to the consolidation of its business. The company trailblazed its path to growth and at the end of 2014, when it was already a client of Eurotux, it acquired an IBM POWER 7+ to increment the infrastructure based on an IBM 9406-720 AS/400 iSeries.

Currently, Marques Soares is at the avant guard of technology, not only in the traditional areas, such as billing and stock management, but also in emerging areas, thanks to continuously keeping up with the latest innovations and to investments in robust and reliable solutions. The cooperation with all@work allowed them to develop a customized management software, which was certified by the Portuguese tax authorities, directly integrating with the ERP SII POWER. This technological infrastructure was fundamental for the brand’s expansion, which now features 14 stores across Portugal, and over 300 employees, providing clothing, decorative products, home textiles, perfumes, shoes, optical product, home appliances, sporting goods, restaurants, among others.