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Eurotux represents i-doit solution for the Iberian market and is preparing briefing sessions

The i-doit solution is a CMDB tool that allows you to document IT systems and their changes, integrating existing data sources on a centralized and accessible location.
Published on 2019-07-26

Eurotux became a partner of Synetics GmbH, a German company that created the CMDB tool (Configuration Management Databsae) i-doit. As the Iberian market representative of this software solution that assures the stable and efficient operation of IT networks, Eurotux is preparing briefing session on its potential.

The i-doit CMD offers a professional solution for documenting Information Technology (IT) based on the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) directives, or IT Infrastructure Library, a guide of best practices regarding IT service management. It allows you to document the IT systems and their changes, supporting activities that are usually handled dispersedly, namely the management of infrastructure, network documentation, IT inventory, IP addressing management, and reporting, as well as managing technical documentation and several other features.

Eurotux uses the i-doit solution in several projects, guaranteeing stable and efficient operation of IT networks. This solution allows the company to manage its clients’ contracts, also enabling integration with the tickets system. As such, Eurotux can generate reports that are aligned with best practices, to assess, namely items with the greatest number of incidents, among other parameters.

The i-doit tool, also allows you to define emergency plans, and display fundamental information, in a agile streamlined and centralized location. Since it has a modular architecture, it allows for the development of feature extensions and add-ons. Using IT technical documentation on i-doit, it’s possible to create a detailed general view of the entire infrastructure, covering all types of assets, including graphical visualizations of the rack, servers, and appliances, including complex systems, such as clusters, SAN, virtualization, or chassis systems (such as bladecenters). Even the micro-IT aspect can be handled in detail, since the i-doit can manage all components, from desktop to PC, printers, and mobile devices.

As a partner of Synetics and a representative of the i-doit solution for the Iberian market, Eurotux is preparing some briefing sessions regarding the tool, which are intended for clients. In these knowledge sharing events, clients will be invited to take part and express their doubts and needs within this scope.

For the time being, Eurotux is being contacted by clients that are interested in taking part in these sessions. If you’d like to take part, or would like to receive more information regarding the i-doit solutions, please get in touch with us.