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Eurotux stands out with EMC certifications

Eurotux continues to hold a strong commitment to training its employees in order to provide clients with the best service possible. It is with this goal in mind that the company is in the final phase of certification of the EMC portfolio in the "BRS Specialty" and the "Consolidate Specialty" tracks.
Published on 2013-04-24

In a market as competitive and rapidly evolving as the information technology one, the only way to keep up with clients’ needs and demands is to possess a team that permanently updates its knowledge, maintaining perfect mastery of the most advanced technology

It is in keeping with this logic, that Eurotux is in league with a select group of partners that are currently in the final phase of certification of the EMC portfolio, for the “BRS Specialty” (Backup and Recovery Systems) and “Consolidate Specialty” (Storage and Big-Data).

This certification opens the door to implementing products such as Avamar, Datadomain, Networker (BRS products), and the VXN and Isilon families (Mid-Range products).

By obtaining these certifications, Eurotux becomes independent at planning and installing EMC solutions, offering its clients an integrated solution, completely managed and installed by their technical teams.

By being a part of the EMC Proven Professional Certification Network, the company’s professionals acquire knowledge in data storage and information management, in what is, according to EMC, the “number one certification program” in the industry.

EMC: leader in storage technology

The EMC Corporation, is a world leading provider of external storage solutions and one of Eurotux’ partners in the field. EMC has roughly 25 years of experience in storage and its mastery of these technologies assures a unique understanding and an unparalleled portfolio of products.

EMC helps its clients to project, build, and manage intelligent, flexible and secure, information infrastructures. Thanks to the ongoing certifications, Eurotux progresses to master the implementation of these technologies.