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Eurotux strengthens partnership with Lenovo

Eurotux guarantees continuity of IBM solutions for the x86 server market through partnership with Lenovo
Published on 2015-06-30

In order to provide long-term value to its clients, IBM and Lenovo agreed to an historic deal, having purchased the IBM x86 server business. The deal (finalized in October of 2014) is based on a long-time collaboration between the two companies began in 2005 when Lenovo purchased IBMs PC business.

Eurotux, an IBM business partner, is Lenovo’s business partner. This step is part of the effort in guaranteeing continuity of IBM solutions now supported by Lenovo. In terms of branding, the products will continue with the IBM logo, for at least one year. The human resources will also remain. The clients will be dealing with the people they now and already trust.

Eurotux hopes that Lenovo’s service quality can deliver more competitive solutions to clients and that together they build a partnership focused on success.

Presently, Lenovo is the world’s third largest PC producer. In the x86 market, by making this deal, it automatically passes from sixth to third largest player. The business includes the x System. IBM will continue with its System z mainframes, Power Systems, etc.

Lenovo shows its commitment to the x86 server market, remaining confident that it can, in the long run, continue to grow its business with success, just as they’ve accomplished with the PC business.

What changes for clients?

IBM will keep its support for x86 servers for a minimum period of 5 years and Lenovo will assume control of operations and product support. In practice, clients will note but minor changes.


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