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Eurotux strengthens relationship with IBM and its partners

In 2014 several marketing initiatives were undertaken together with IBM partners, resulting in an increase in business volume with the American multinational.
Published on 2014-12-24

The continued collaboration between partners guarantees the integration of different types of technological solutions and creates value for the client. The development of partnership gathers skills and adds value to projects maximizing the solution’s quality.

Over the last few months, Eurotux has amplified its skills in IBM solutions, delivering greater added-value to this market. The closer institutional ties with IBM and its partners, namely, Techdata and CPCDI, resulted in combined marketing initiatives that resulted in a notable increase in business volume related to IBM solutions.

Executive Breakfast: have breakfast at the Sheraton at Eurotux’s invitation

Developed together with Techdata, this initiative gathered administrators and top managers and company directors to talk about business for breakfast.

Eurotux creates campaign for the Power Systems segment in partnership with IBM

The focus of this campaign consists of a POWER7+ (720) or POWER8 (S814) key-in-hand solution, installation, data migration and post-installation technical services at an an appealing price. Its publicizing counted on the support of CPCDI.

Eurotux increases its focus on IBM Power segment through partnership with grupo@work

With this partnership, Eurotux has enriched the grupo@work’s existing technological legacy while adding a new depth of skills, namely in the field of hardware.

IBM Virtualization, High-availability, Security and Communications

The initiatives created an impact, having been well accepted by the intended market. Several clients already benefit from the campaign’s favourable terms, making 2015 out to be a year in which Eurotux will reveal itself as an increasingly relevant partner for IBM.


Partnership with IBM

Eurotux specializes in server technologies, IBM bladecenter and storage, building complete solutions to reach specific goals for each client. It holds several certifications that attest its skills in IBM solutions, with the IBM Business Partner status.