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Eurotux took part in the first DevOpsDays Portugal

Eurotux remains on the front line in promoting the DevOps methodology. The company’s employees were at the first DevOpsDays Portugal, in Lisbon, where they shared their experiences in DevOps best practices.
Published on 2019-06-27

Lisbon hosted the first DevOps Portugal this month. Eurotux took part in the event organized by the DevOps Lisbon and DevOps Porto communities, which focused on the best practices regarding a methodology that has continued to gain traction in several activity sectors.

The DevOpsDays Portugal was held between June 3rd and 4th at the facilities of the Portuguese electric utilities company, EDP, in Lisbon, with the presence of Eurotux’s employees. The meeting of the national DevOps community sought to foster the sharing of experiences and best practices with the adoption of a methodology that has the potential to revolutionize the business world, as a result of greater efficiency and best performance that it promotes in operations. Eurotux used the event to present the work it’s conducted to promote DevOps, as well as manifest to the organization its availability to be a partner in a future edition.

Eurotux has been on the front lines in driving the DevOps philosophy in Portugal, fully aware of the benefits this methodology promotes for businesses and/or organizations. The company has played a part in this effort, organizing the Meetup DevOps Braga events, gathering the DevOps communities at its facilities. Eurotux has also launched a blog dedicated to the DevOps approach, supporting the implementation of this philosophy, publishing useful and relevant information.

One of the main virtues of this DevOps approach is that it streamlines cooperation between the development and operational teams. This assures greater productivity, reducing failures and guaranteeing a quicker time-to-market. The main beneficiary of this process is the client, considering the increase in the final product’s quality and the greater speed of delivery.

At a time when optimization of services and solutions must be continuous, the multidisciplinary approach of the DevOps methodology minimizes the risks and obtains an immediate return on investment.

At any rate, it is necessary to properly plan the implementation of this philosophy to extract from all of the possible benefits from it, namely in terms of performance. To this effect, Eurotux provides supporting and consulting for implementing DevOps, guaranteeing the complete control of the development cycles, minimization of risks, and the desired profitability.

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