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Eurotux was one of the partners of the JOIN 2019 with a focus on attracting young talents

Eurotux once again supported the Jornadas de Informática (JOIN 2019) of the University of Minho. As an event that seeks to bring university students closer to the labour market, the company focused on attracting young talents.
Published on 2019-06-27

Eurotux was one of the sponsors of the Jornadas de Informática of the University of Minho (UM), held this month. At the JOIN 2019, as the even sponsored by Eurotux for several years is commonly known, the company took part with its own stand, seeking to attract young talent.

The Jornadas de Informática of the UM, which were held between June 3rd and 5th, 2019, takes on the mission of fostering interaction between students of Information Technology courses, with the companies that are active in this sector. The goal is to bring young university students closer to the labour market, providing enrichening experiences that may help them decide their future, regarding their professional options.

This edition of the JOIN 2019 was focused on computer graphics, blockchain, and web development. Within the scope of this last theme, Daniela Costa, the Chief Operating Officer of Dipcode, had the opportunity to clarify participants on “What companies expect from a web developer”, surveying the characteristics that these professional should have, as well as offering advice as to how these young students should prepare themselves if they’re interested in opting for this field of work.

Many university students passed by Eurotux’s stand and showed interest in the summer internships that the company offers. Many also learned about the open day that Eurotux typically hosts in September, in which the company opens its doors to students, allowing them to directly contact the labour market.

Eurotux has a strong policy of attracting and retaining young talent, providing them the opportunity to grow with the company. In a highly competitive field with plenty of movement in terms of human resources, in which salaries rise, at times, in a fashion that doesn’t correspond to the reality of the companies that promise them, Eurotux focuses on training and retaining its best professionals, with a policy of human resource management that is based on permanently valuating its employees. By maintaining partnerships with several higher education institutions, featuring the University of Minho, Eurotux is a privileged partner in strengthening students’ training. It is also a company that continues to grow sustainably, regularly adding new employees to its team. It is an ideal place to begin a professional career in IT.