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FCSH/NOVA centralizes management of website network using WordPress Multisite

Eurotux helped the FCSH/NOVA to implement a “website factory”, to provide websites to its research units, quickly and safely, consolidating its management in a unique platform.
Published on 2016-12-27

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Universidade Nova of Lisbon, Portugal (FCSH/NOVA) has redefined the strategy for its network of internal websites, resorting to a WordPress multisite based solution. This platform consolidates the management of several websites in one single location, guaranteeing the latest features and security updates, while enabling each organic unit to have its independent and custom website, with complete control over its content.

Eurotux and the FCSH/NOVA have a longstanding relationship in the field of web development and DevOps. The company was responsible for implementing the faculty’s website, and since then has provided application support and maintenance for several platforms.

A consultancy project focused on presenting an efficient strategy for providing and managing websites for the FCSH/NOVA’s research units. The result was the creation of a “website factory”, based on the WordPress multisite platform.

A WordPress multisite network is a collection of websites that share the same installation, but have separate folders for uploads. As such, website management is centralized, resulting in high gains in efficiency. Likewise, information technology (IT) managers have the necessary control over the installed themes and plug-ins, to guarantee that there are no security issues. However, despite centralized management, websites behave as in a normal WordPress installation, ensuring independence in terms of design and content management for each organic unit.

In order to minimize the security risks for websites, Eurotux also conducts a study of the viability for all plug-ins and themes, validating their security, compatibility, and performance. Additionally, it is responsible for the platform’s operation and maintenance.

The “website factory” delivered strategic and operational advantages, for IT managers, research units, and the FCSH/NOVA management.

The WordPress multisite is powerful method of creating and managing websites for any kind of company or organization. To learn more about website networks in WordPress (multisite), get in touch with Eurotux.



The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, is an organic unit of the Universidade Nova of Lisbon, Portugal, whose mission is to qualify citizens at the highest level. According to its statutes, the FCSH/NOVA is an institution dedicated to higher education, to scientific research, and for cultural creativity. The faculty’s identify results in the coexistence of social sciences with the humanities, allowing for a unique interdisciplinarity in Portuguese tertiary education.