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Industry Sector with greater interest in Eurotux’s Operations, Support and Maintenance Services

Interoperability, scope and experience are some of the strengths that make them added-value services.
Published on 2015-01-30

With the increased focus on the IBM Power segment, Eurotux has enhanced its technical skills, covering more fields of business and with a team that is better equipped to deal with environments where operability between different types of architectures and platforms is crucial (e.g., Intel with Linux and Windows, IBM Power with IBM i, AIX and Linux).

The ability to engage in heterogeneous environments combined with its long experience in managing information technology infrastructure; make Eurotux’s support and maintenance services more enticing to a wider market, as confirmed by the growing number of service subscriptions.


A few industry sector references

: dedicated to producing laminates and plastic packaging for the food industry and components. It is a leader in the Portuguese market and has a strong presence in international markets. The experience and know-how accumulated for over more than 40 years of activity, in tandem with a continuous updating and technological innovation, has endowed Intraplás with differentiating skill.

Unicol: a solid and dynamic company that is essentially focused on the interests of the producer from whom it gathers raw materials and provides a wide range of services. It is involved in areas as distinct as milk gathering and processing with producers, marketing of dairy products and meat, distribution of agricultural diesel and veterinary assistance, among others. Located in the Azores Islands, it is an example of effective remote management of information technology infrastructure, making geographic location irrelevant.

Fuchs Portugal: part of the Fuchs Group, world leader in lubricant and processed chemical products manufacturing, as the major supplier in many markets. A global supplier of over 700,000 tons of lubricants worldwide, it combines a presence in global markets with proximity to its clients.

Eurotux provides highly specialized and personalized technical services, actively contributing to the achievement of its clients’ business goals, aided by the proper performance of its IT infrastructure.

Services include global monitoring of the system and pre-emptive interventions that update and adjust the response to contingency situations. They are available in three formats: service contracts with different hourly coverage, types and levels of service; hour packs for reactive interventions; occasional requests for which services are scaled on a per-case basis.

More information about Operations, Support and Maintenance service: