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Innovation Agency recognizes Eurotux as a bona fide company in Research and Development

As a bona fide company in Research and Development, Eurotux’s clients that have sub-contracted services in this area have access to fiscal benefits within the scope of the SIFIDE (Fiscal Incentives System for corporate R&D).
Published on 2019-08-26

The National Innovation Agency granted Eurotux status as a bona fide company in terms of Research and Development (R&D) for telecommunications, infrastructures, and ICT for open access to knowledge. This recognition distinguishes Eurotux’s permanent involvement in research projects and the search for state-of-the-art solutions. It also constitutes an added-value for its clients, to the extent that contracting Eurotux’s services, within the scope of their own R&D activities, provides them with access to fiscal benefits.

The recognition of Eurotux as a bona fide company in R&D allows companies that sub-contract Eurotux’s services to candidate themselves for the SIFIDE (Fiscal Incentives System for Corporate R&D). This governmental program aims to promote the competitiveness of national companies and supports investment in R&D through income tax deductions for expenses within this scope. As such, the companies that sub-contract Eurotux’s R&D services can submit their relevant expenses to the SIFIDES to receive the corresponding fiscal benefits. The program considers the totality of expenses in R&D for the deductions.

In addition to helping maximize its clients’ investment, the official recognition of Eurotux’s R&D activities also allow Eurotux to promote these R&D skills. It is also a way to increase collaboration with other companies or organizations, equally certified in R&D.

Eurotux’s R&D department has been involved in several innovative projects, especially focusing on emergent technologies and new trends. The goal is to continuously foster added-value for its clients, presenting innovative solutions that address the respective present and future needs. Investment in innovation occurs in all of the Eurotux Group’s companies, constituting a positioning strategy and a mission, in order to contribute to advances that are emerging in this area.

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