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IPMA launches new portal Observar developed by Dipcode

The recently launched “Observar”, a portal for the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Air, was implemented in WordPress by Dipcode, allowing users to keep up with meteorological events reported by citizens.
Published on 2019-03-25

The Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Air (IPMA) launched a new portal, “Observar”, a project designed and implemented by Dipcode – the Eurotux Group’s Web Development company – which updated the previous platform, in order to bring it closer to citizens.

The Eurotux Group has collaborated with the IPMA for several years, within the scope of several of the institute’s projects. While Eurotux provides infrastructure management services and monitoring solutions, Dipcode has been the technological partner of choice for the Meteorology Institute in recent years, focusing on the development of websites and web applications. This partnership continues throughout the IPMA’s need to modernize its Internet communication platform, namely by promoting a greater proximity to the general public.

The old website, MeteoGlobal, was replaced by the “Observar” portal - - which allows any user to share meteorological phenomenon, namely by sharing photographs. Sharing in near-real time allows users to keep track of weather related events. The most extraordinary events that are reported are analyzed by the IPMA’s meteorologists. This study’s conclusions, with the scientific explanation of events, are published. In addition to the recording of individual reports, the portal can also register weather stations.

The Observar is based on the WordPress platform, and was designed and implemented according to best practices for usability and development, constituting the fundamental pillars of Dipcode projects. The portal features a modern and appealing presentation for visitors, based on a recent technology that enables access through any Internet browser and mobile devices.

The project’s implementation included the integration with the IPMA’s internal authentication systems, demanding the importing of all existing content on the old MeteoGlobal, as well as its adaptation for the new design. In addition to the design and implementation services, Dipcode also provides specialized support services, supervising the project upon its conclusion, in order to efficiently detect and correct any eventual problems. As such, it is a fundamental ally, providing an integrated global response with a decisive contribution to the proper functioning of the organizational processes of any business.

If you’re looking to improve or create a custom solution for your business, get in touch with Dipcode.

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