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IPMA provides app for the field of seismology

Geophysics enthusiasts have a new application at their disposal that enables to view seismic activity in Portugal directly on their smartphone.
Published on 2014-10-31

Eurotux was responsible for the development of this application as part of the suite provided by the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Air (IPMA) enabling the visualization of recorded seismic activity for the last seven days. Users can select epicenters on the interactive map or by consulting a list with all recent activity. The list provides information regarding the epicentre’s location, date and time of origin, magnitude, focal depth, maximum degree of seismic intensity and location observed. Additionally, seismic intensity distribution maps (shakemaps) are provided for some events. The application is interconnected with the IPMA’s systems, providing released statements in case of significant seismic activities and institutional news, offering a privileged means of accessing the official source.

“This app, is part of a strategy set out by the IPMA, establishing a presence in the two largest markets, namely, the iPhone Market and Google Play. The Sismo@IPMA and Meteo@IPMA apps, seek to address a growing interest in seismic and meteorological phenomena, improving communication between the IPMA and its community”, states Ricardo Deus from the IPMA.

The free application is available on Google Play and on Apple Store.