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IV SecThon counted on Eurotux’s support to promote cybersecurity

Eurotux took part in and sponsored the fourth edition of the SecThon, a cybersecurity challenged for university students.
Published on 2019-04-18

Eurotux was one of the sponsors of the IV SecThon, a cybersecurity challenge for university students, which promotes innovation in information technology security, as well as fostering and identifying new talents in this area.

Organized by the digital certification and security company, Multicert, with the collaboration of Higher Education institutions, the IV SecThon was held at the Chamber of Commerce, before the Coliseu de Lisboa, in Lisbon, Portugal, last March 15th, with the presence of several cybersecurity specialists.

Eurotux sponsored IV SecThon, namely implementing and configuring the IT infrastructure that supported the event. It also lent the equipment for networking (switching and wireless) which at its core, consisted of a Sophos network management solution. A fundamental intervention for putting this time-limited challenge together, where university students could took part to show their skills.

Participants had several challenges, resorting to techniques such as pentesting (cyberattack), in order to detect vulnerabilities. At the same time, they were subjected to mini-challenges, launched by specialists. In addition to promoting white hat hacking, or ethical hacking, by applying concepts of IT piracy for the defense of companies and services, the event also sought to train and identify new talents in an area that is lacking human resources to address demands.

Eurotux took part in the event, contributing to bringing university students closer to today’s technologies in IT security. It was also a way to present the company, which regularly employs professional internships, gradually amplifying its team of employees, investing in new talents. The sponsorship also reflects the company’s commitment to developing and promoting the most innovative and efficient technologies within the scope of IT security.

The IV SecThon also featured the triathlete for Benfica, João Pereira, who guided a session promoting physical exercise, in a positive and relaxing environment.

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