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Madeira & Madeira invests in IBM POWER 9 with the help of Eurotux

Greater performance and reliability and more storage and security. These are the advantages that motivated Madeira & Madeira to invest in IBM POWER 9 technology, which is being implemented by Eurotux in several projects.
Published on 2019-03-13

Madeira & Madeira invested in the installation of the IBM POWER 9, the latest technology launched by the American technology giant, to significantly improve its Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, with the help of Eurotux.

Madeira & Madeira, S.A. is a company located in Mealhada, Portugal, dedicated to the import and sales of machines, tools, and hardware in the Iberian market, as well as Angola, Cape Verde, and Mozambique. It’s business is based on the IBM’s POWER technology platform, which supports a software known as ERP Power, supplied by the company all@work. The ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) is used in finance, billing, and inventory management, the latter being interconnected with EFACEC’s automated warehouse. This system’s main potential is its customization, usability, and security/stability.

With the goal of progressing in terms of usage and improvement of the ERP’s processes, Madeira & Madeira decided to invest in the latest IBM technology, POWER 9, significantly improving the system’s technical characteristics – more than doubling the disk’s capacity, increasing the system’s capacity eightfold, nearly doubling the processing capacity, and more than tripling the backup’s capacity.

Within the scope of the acquisition process, Eurotux will be responsible for the installation, configuration, and migration of the current system to the POWER 9. The company is widely renowned for its experience in this field, with the largest IBM POWER client base in Portugal. It also holds the IBM Gold Business Partner status, which recognizes the excellence of its employee’s technical qualifications and its client’s satisfaction with the services provided.

The focus on IBM POWER 9 guarantees an increase in the system’s capacity, in terms of performance, reliability, and storage, simultaneously incrementing security, saving management and maintenance resources, as well as promoting energy efficiency. Additionally, it is a multiplatform solution that enables several usages, namely Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Prediction, BigData, Business Intelligence, High-Performance Computing, and ERP.

To learn more about how Eurotux can help your company to improve its IT infrastructure, get in touch with us. We have the right solution for your business!